Code of Ethics

Exclusive Buyer Agency was founded upon the legal principles of the Common Law of Agency and Full Fiduciary Duties. As a whole, NAEBAs ethical standards surpass legal and industry standards. A NAEBA member acts in a trustworthy manner and always acts in their Buyer-Clients best interest. As a witness of our commitment to these principles, to integrity and to professionalism, NAEBA has established the following Code of Ethics:

  • Advocacy
    Advocate for, with, and on behalf of a Buyer-Client and their best interest at all times.
  • Undivided Loyalty
    Provide undivided loyalty to a Buyer-Client and not advance the interests of sellers, themselves, or their real estate company above the interests of the Buyer-Client.
  • Confidentiality
    Keep the information from a Buyer-Client confidential unless the Buyer-Client has given permission to disclose such information.
  • Full Disclosure
    Provide full disclosure of all facts known to him/her regarding a seller or a property that are material to or would have an effect on the transaction.
  • Accounting
    Provide a true account of money or property entrusted to them, received by them, or paid out on behalf of the Buyer-Client whenever requested.
  • Reasonable Skill and Care
    Act on behalf of a Buyer-Client with due diligence, professionalism, and reasonable skill and care.
  • Obedience to Lawful Instruction
    Follow all reasonable, lawful instructions of their Buyer-Client in the Buyer-Clients transaction.

Kind words from our clients

My husband and I interviewed 7 realtors, and worked with several before finding Tracy Crawford of Evergreen. Tracy has absolutely wowed us at every stage: she is knowledgable, smart, incredibly responsive, and has done a lot of legwork to find every ounce of information we have needed to purchase land and build a home in Great Barrington. We truly could not have done this without her. I highly recommend Tracy – we believe you will find her to be as intelligent, hard-working, and gracious as we have. Happy hunting!

Liz Collins, Great Barrington

Thank you for helping us find and negotiate for our new home. When we decided to look for a new house, we din’t know what was available. Nothing you said fully prepared me for the intensity of the first few days of surveying the market. It was tiring but also enlightening. We aren’t real estate novices, but after after working with you I can’t imagine trying to buy another property without the professional guidance of an Exclusive Buyer Broker. You spoke to the drawbacks of each property –and also to the strengths. I never felt pressured to buy. You represented me every step of the way.

HLK, South Egremont

This is the second time in the past seven years that you’ve been our buyer’s agent. You were extraordinarily diligent in helping us find exactly the right property. Your knowledge of real estate in the Berkshires is encyclopedic, giving us complete confidence that we had adequate information about all the properties that were appropriate for us. Moreover, we value your judgment and absolute integrity during the process of negotiating an agreement. Your knowledge and experience were invaluable in overcoming the hurdles, both large and small, that inevitably arise in any negotiation. We found that your assessments of likely outcomes were inevitable on target. We are committed to the Buyer’s Agent concept in general, and to your services in particular.

JF, Stockbridge
Shana and Tracy have an amazing eye for style, color and placement. I had no worries leaving my home in their full control. Our tiny home had little to no decorations or style. In the end our rooms were filled with textures and colors without feeling crowded in our small areas.
Shannon Smith Lovallo, Pittsfield
Tracy Crawford has been a wonderful agent and was successful in finding me the perfect home. I just moved in on November 4th and couldn’t be happier with all she did for me. Tracy was exceptionally helpful with all of the arrangements especially since I was not local. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top level buyers agent!
Anna Petersen, Pittsfield